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122 pitch 530 STD Diamond Motorcycle Chain

$79.99 $74.99

For a transmission sprocket from stock (21 tooth) to a 23 tooth.

For use with our Straight Back Bolt on Hardtail

Instructions on ordering a custom length chain...

When ordering a custom length of chain, it is important to know how its measured. Each pitch is the distance between pins, the picture below shows a chain that is six pitches, with a master link.

An easy way to count the pitches of a chain is to simply count the pins themselves plus the holes in the ends. The number of pitches in a roller chain must always be an even number so that the ends will accept the master link.

We charge $0.66 for each pitch. For example 100 pitches will cost $66.00.

Each roller chain comes with a semi press fit master link.

To order this custom chain, please call, or email us with the size you need.